Jason Meyers

23. Graduate Student. Accounting. FC: Skylar Astin. Taken.


Jason Meyers had never been one to act on instinct. Every choice and decision he made came with a great deal of meditation and debate, turning over the pros and cons in his mind before finally coming to a conclusion. He wasn’t sure where the trait stemmed from, as neither of his parents gave much thought to anything. Both his mother and father worked tirelessly to maintain their lives. Multiple jobs, double shifts, and late nights were all in Jay’s vocabulary at a young age - too young to need to worry about such adult issues, but he was exposed and realized early on that he didn’t want to work to live. He wanted to live to work and enjoy whatever he chose as a career. 

A problem arose as Jason grew older, realizing that his range of skills weren’t very broad. He often wondered how it felt to be one of those people with a bestowed gift - to carry a tune, to paint a masterpiece, or to compose symphonies. He was convinced that they were hand picked by some higher power, given this miraculous talent that would bring a cultural wealth to the world. He, on the other hand, had no abilities out of the ordinary. When it came time for college, Jason settled with a major in accounting. He dealt well with numbers and figures and he knew that it would be a career able to bring stability to his life. 

Now, three years into his degree, Jay still feels the uneasiness of his choice, but the time and effort he’s put into it is irreplaceable. He’s finally beginning to learn the cruel lesson that life isn’t a process that we walk through with a smile on our faces, it’s a journey filled with puzzles and loops that toss us around. Our only hope is that we land on our feet. Jason’s thoughtful decisions had rarely steered him wrong, but the most important one of his life is starting to tear him down.

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